March 26, 2017


Where:            Burnside High School, 151 Greers Road, Burnside, Christchurch

When:              1.30 pm, Friday 14 April 2017

Controller:        Angelina King

Mobile:            021 266 0222


The following events will be held:

  1. Women’s 4x100m relay
  2. Men’s 4x100m relay
  3. Women’s 800m
  4. Men’s mile


Rules for all races:

  • Entries will be accepted on the day of competition for the Women’s 800m and the Men’s mile.
  • Entries will be accepted on the day of competition for the Women’s and Men’s 4x100m relay, provided that the total number of teams amounts to eight or less.
  • Athletes must compete in the uniform of their representative team.
  • Spikes must not be more than 6mm in length, sandshoes permitted.
  • The starting rule (one break per race) will be enforced.
  • During the race, obstructing other runners’ way on the track can result in disqualification.
  • An athlete stepping outside the track during the race is considered to be out of the competition.


Rules for 4 x 100 metre relay:

  • Athletes are not allowed to leave or change their designated lanes. The athletes should remain in their respective lanes even after handing over the baton and after receiving the baton.
  • The baton has to be passed from one athlete to the other within the specified area known as the take-over zone.
  • The length of the take-over zone is 20 metres.
  • Dropped batons and changes outside the take-over zone will result in disqualification.

The athletes are not permitted to wear gloves or use any substances that can enable them to have a better grip on the baton.


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