March 26, 2017


Where:            Howzat Indoor Sports Centre, 4 Matipo St, Addington, Christchurch

When:              6.15 pm, Sunday 16 April 2017

Controller:        Tony Ng

Phone:             021 335 760



The Rush

  • Both teams start at opposite nets.
  • Whistle is blown and you may grab one ball from the white middle line.
  • You may not throw a dodge-ball until you retreat back to the black line in your half. Any balls thrown before then will be void.


Game Play

  • You may throw the ball as far forward as the white half way line.
  • If you go over the white half way line and touch the ground you are out.
  • You are out if:
    • The ball touches you on any part of the body on the full.
    • You throw the ball and your opponent catches it. From here, the catching team can bring one player back in.
    • You try to catch a ball, but you drop it or tip it.
    • You touch the floor in the opposition half.
  • If you are hit on the bounce or off a net, you are not out (excluding the roof).
  • You may block an opponent’s throw with your ball. With your ball, you can also parry an opponent’s throw to your teammate.
  • Once you are out you must retreat back to the Netball Circle D and put a bib on.


Last Man

  • Last man rule is that there can be no blocking/parring with the balls. You are then out if the ball touches either you or your ball.
  • Once the last man is out, a point is issued and game begins again.



  • Dodge-ball is a difficult game to umpire. It requires honesty from the players so a card system has been introduced.
  • If found to be cheating a Yellow Card will be issued = Sin Bin. One point on the sideline and the team has to play short of a player.
  • If found to be cheating again, a Red Card will be issued and the player will be sent off.


Game Length

  • During the group stage, games will consist of two 10-minute halves.
  • The playoffs games will consist of two 15-minute halves.


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