March 26, 2017


Where:            Howzat Indoor Sports Centre, 4 Matipo St, Addington, Christchurch

When:              6.15 pm, Friday 14 April 2017

Controller:        Tony Ng

Phone:             021 335 760




  • Matches will be made up of two 15-minute halves.
  • A team consists of five players – four court players and one goalkeeper.
  • Two females must be on the court at all times. If a female player is the goalkeeper, another female must take the court.
  • Teams may have substitutes.
  • There are two positions on court:
    • Goalkeeper: Only player allowed in the goalies ‘D’
    • Court Players: allowed everywhere except the Goalies ‘D’


Normal Football rules apply, but there are some additions:

  • All tackles from behind will be called by the referee or an advantage played.
  • A tackle from behind is deemed if a defender has challenged for a ball behind a 180-degree plain of the possessor of the ball.
  • If an attacking team goes inside the “Goalies D’ it will be deemed goalies ball (even if a goal is scored before the attacker steps inside the “Goalies D”).
  • If a defending player steps inside the “Goalies D” by an attacker, it will be Goalies Ball.
  • Only the goalie is allowed in the “Goalies D” area. If the Goalie touches any part of the ground outside the goal a penalty shot will occur.
  • A player in possession with the ball or a player attempting a tackle may not hold onto the nets. In saying this, if a defending player bumps a player in possession with the ball the player may rebalance him/herself and continue without a penalty.
  • A goalie may not throw the ball over half way on the full if he/she has touched the ball with his/her hands. If the ball has not touched the goalies hands the goalie may kick the ball on the full as far as they like.
  • The goalie hold possession of the ball for a maximum of five seconds. If the goalie holds the ball for longer than this, a penalty shot will occur.
  • In case of any freekicks – all players must be 3 metres away from the foul spot.
  • In the case of a freekick being within 3 metres of the “goalies D” you may stand on the line of the “goalies D”.
  • You may not lift your leg higher than your waist when going for a loose ball.
  • You may substitute players when a goal has been scored or it is “goalie’s ball” anytime up until two minutes left in each half.
  • Male goals are worth 1 point.
  • Female goals are worth 2 points.
  • When a female scores a penalty it is worth 1 point.
  • You cannot score from your defensive half unless it takes a deflection.


Card system:

  • Green Card = caution
  • Yellow card = Sin Bin. 2 minutes on the sideline. Your team plays short.
  • Red Card = Sent off. Your team plays short for the rest of the match.


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