March 27, 2017


Where:            Howzat Indoor Sports Centre, 4 Matipo St, Addington, Christchurch

When:              6:15 pm, Saturday 15 April 2017

Controller:        Tony Ng

Phone:             021 335 760




  • Each team has six players.
  • Games go for two 15 minute halves.
  • There are three positions on court:


  • There is a maximum of three males on court at any time (penalties occur for extra male players).
    • You may not have two males in the same position.
  • Centres and Attacks may shoot 2 pointers from outside the circle. Attacks may shoot 1 pointers from inside the circle.
  •  The easiest way to avoid the nasty stepping call is to try and land with two feet at the same time. By doing this, you can then choose which foot to move. If you don’t catch the ball in this manner, remember the foot that hit the ground first is essential. You cannot lift and then reground the foot that hit the ground first after you have caught the ball.
  • You can only defend with your arms if the person has the ball. Keeping a metre or more away from this person is necessary. Remember to keep your hands down and move back the required distance of 3 feet (approx 1 metre). If you are pulled for obstruction, you are too close and then you must stand beside your opponent.
  • If someone has the ball, you cannot touch them. You may defend, but remember the obstruction rule. If a person has the ball and needs to land, you must move out of the way. If the umpire is unsure who made initial contact, then a toss will be called. If you are pulled for contact you must stand beside your opponent.
  • You have 3 seconds to get rid of the ball, if you don’t it’s a turnover.
  • All nets are in play and can be used to pass. The centre pass must be touched before it hits the net. If you land with any part of your body on the net you will be deemed out of court and a turnover will occur.
  • If you throw a ball from the defensive half to the attacking back wall without it being touched then it is a turnover.
  • Replay is 2 bats and a catch.
  • Unless it’s clear contact you’ve drawn, the umpires have been instructed to call contact against the person trying to cause.
  • The umpires have been instructd to promote the advantage rules as long as there is very little contact in the game. Advantage may be called if the umpire believes it is the best interests to continue the flow of the game.


  • Points system
    • Win: 4 points
    • Draw: 2 points
    • Loss: 0 points
    • Every 10 goals is a bonus point to competing teams


  • When determining the order of teams at the end of all round-robin games, the positions will firstly be determined by points, secondly by the number of games won, and finally by goal difference.
    • Goal difference is calculated by goals scored by a team minus the number conceded.


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