March 26, 2017


Venue 1:         Burnside High School, 151 Greers Rd, Burnside, Christchurch

When:              2 pm and 3 pm, Friday 14 April 2017


Venue 2:        Pioneer Stadium, 75 Lyttelton St, Somerfield, Christchurch

When:              1 pm and 4 pm, Saturday 15 April 2017

3 pm and 4 pm, Sunday 16 April 2017


Controllers:      Jenni Snowdon

Mobile:             027 475 0868



The Controller reserves the right to amend these rules or competition at any time.

  • Netball shall be played under International Rules of four 10-minute quarters, with a five minute interval at half time, and two minute intervals at ¼ and ¾ times.
  • Each team must designate one volunteer to be either a scorekeeper or a timekeeper. The volunteers from each team must stand together and monitor the games.
  • The netball tournament will be run in a round-robin format.
  • Team to consist of seven players – substitution allowed at intervals or due to injury of player.
  • Players may only play for one team – no interchange of players between teams are allowed.
  • If a player has an injury, a team‐mate or umpire calls time, and the time keeper pauses the timer for two minutes – play resumes after this time.
  • Following this, any further injuries will incur a 30 second break in play.
  • This is applicable to each team in each quarter:
    • All players of the team must wear the same uniform
    • Netball bibs to be worn – to be provided by your own Branch.
    • Each team is to provide their own scorekeeper and the host Branch will provide a timekeeper.
    • Host Branch to provide umpires.
    • Netball should be played in two pools, under international rules.
    • The teams with the highest points of each pool advance to the finals
    • In the event of a points draw, results will be determined by goal ratio between the two teams competing for the winning spot.
  • Points allocation: 2pts = WIN, 1pt = DRAW, 0 = LOSS


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